Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Glastonbury, Sing Star and 40 million beers.

And with a click of a finger, it's all over. All those months erecting fencing, erecting tents, erecting stages and before you know it, the boner that is Glastonbury is over within the blink of a japs eye. What another 'blow me away' festival. I saw a Life size T-Rex with fire works exploding out of its mouth ridden by some dude who probably found it, followed by unreal fire works, a rubbish perfomance from the man who can obviously literally 'blow his own pork trumpet', Bruce Springsteen. Highlight was Bon Iver...tears.

I hosted the Sing Star tent which was super busy on the first three days, with people chomping to get on stage and sing. A great success for the guys at Iris Experience, who are my saviours. Thanks Hayley, Christie Peters, Richie, Henry, Johnny and more of the guys who put it all on. pics coming soon to whoever reads this thing? xxx

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