Monday, 21 July 2008

Well, summer is in full swing.

So, a cheeky wee update for your asses.

Beach breaks live was epic. Hosting main stage loving and the cornish games where 'pimp my sheep human grand prix' and optimus prime in a farmers jumper singin the star wars theme tune through a kazoo went down a storm.

We then had a bit or production work for singstar at glasto hanging out with kate moss. what a grumpy little monkey.

We then dove head first into 02 wireless festival Dj'ing and compering the Blackberry tent. Cheers to RPM for the gig, what legends. Guitar hero, what a game, but save it for the living room? Well....

Camp bestival has flown by and now its secret gaden party for another main stage session with Grace Jones. If I come back headless in both locations, you'll understand why...Thankyou and see you soon!

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