Monday, 12 November 2007

Smirnoff Electric Cabaret

I'm hosting it, as the Pig Ring Master.

KoKo in Camden, London Town. 22nd Novemer, 20now. 8thirty till death.

It's 10 whole shillings for entry so come and play.

Well, heres a few piccies of the do, me yelling random stuff at the crowd whilst having to wait another five minutes for a band to come on. It's quite fun having to make stuff up when a band isn't ready, along with allowing urine to run down your leg in the meanwhile...Thanks to RPM Photography for all the photos. Legends they are...legends.

It was a hugely successful event and theres chances I might be in for the next one in bonnie scotlandia.

A huge thanks to Troy Rice from Canoe Inc. who has sorted me out with a load of clothes after seeing him at the gig. fat KSwiss lowtops, couple of tees, water proof and a hoodie. what a diamond. Look at his company at Yullah!


Anonymous said...

dude, if only mr. agent could see you now. that would roole like 30cms of my dong. i love the outfits. i cant believe you get paid to be a total bum. but it were born for this. im gonna catch a show soon. come to dubai and do this. itd roooole!

susie said...

Hey jimbo :)

Hope your well . I just wanted to say it was great to meet you and you were fab at the electric cabaret in glasgow last week. What a night.

Hope you got home safe and if your ever up in glasgow, pop into my shop for an organic massage on the house.

have a great year

xx susan (smirnoff showgirl)