Monday, 5 November 2007

Right. You want to see some evidence...

Hi again. The above photos are of some of the presenting work I've been doing, ranging from Pass the Pigs World Cup, Lovebox Music Festival, Mini's other lunch break, Trident Gum's 'Mastication for the Nation' festival road show, Super Set Tennis Championships, Red Bull's 'Tame the Lawn', with more to come from the Smirnoff Electric Caboret which I'm presenting at KoKo in Camden later this month. 22nd, if you fancy coming? Woohoo.

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JungleBum said...

omg hot sex! i heart the photo with sometihng in your pants. i wish it was sidharth with a shawarma.
dude hows it. im gonna comment on all your posts to beef up your rep. haha beef.


far aka bunts.