Sunday, 28 October 2007

Why Hello There!

Hello. I'm James, or Jim, or Jimbo. You're here because you know something. You're here because you see the world in a different way to everyone else. Or, I just told you about it, you got a business card off me or a lovely wee compliment slip with these details on it. Or, maybe someone else told you about me. Anyway, welcome to my blog. I have created a blog instead of a website because in the words of Wayne Guthrie "It's better, and more up to date." Simple as that.
Oh, by the way, I'm a presenter / comper-er/MC'er/Micboy/Master of Ceremonies/General Fool.
If you would like to have me at your Do, preferably not a Funeral, I'd love to have a whirl. Thanks.

1 comment:

"Stevie"-Marie said...

YOU ARE A LEGEND THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE!!!! ;) Is there even ANY competition for YOU hosting the ''big'' stage at Glastonbury........... ''PEACE OUT!!!'' You used to make me laugh so much it would take me an hour to even get back to my room as I would be routed to the spot laughing uncontrolably! ;) Not just me others too........ I'd love everybody in the whole wide world to experience the fun...the belly laughs and the genuine soul that I experienced with you last year..... If the world needs laughter your the man!!! NEED I SAY ANY MORE Luv ya Jimbo hope to see you soon ''Stevie'' xxxxxxxxxxxxx