Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A little snippet of work...

The lovely people at Iris have sent me their wee vid of this Amstel Summer time activity at which I was involved as a random Dutch Chap. Enjoy...

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Season's end.

Big Chill. Final Festival. Now what? Well....A week's cycling holiday with the beautiful sophie who's having massive dilemmas about how to pack five ball gowns and a wetsuit into what is essentially a bum bag, or for you yanks, a fanny pack. Rock On.

Just a huge thanks to Iris once again, with a special mention to PHIL CARTER whom I missed out last time...I simply can't beleive I left him out. PHIL, IF YOU EVER READ THIS, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOUR LADY. You guys are the best, thanks so so much.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Back to travelling...

Well, my Australian Sailing Adventure Article has just been plunged into my letter box all the way from under down, with a nice cheque. A two evening bonanaza of work has now placed me on the map as a travel writer for Aussie Multi Hull Mag, soon to be clearing Bill Bryson's name off the WHShit shelves and replaced with my witter banter about sailing. hmm...not really, but a fete I am proud of none the less. There's no way of putting the article up on this so you can't read it... Wait! Maybe! BRB as they say in the txt trade.  Here it is!  Go to this link!  

And here it is, well, the cover of the mag, which doesn't even state my article on it! How annoying...

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Glastonbury, Sing Star and 40 million beers.

And with a click of a finger, it's all over. All those months erecting fencing, erecting tents, erecting stages and before you know it, the boner that is Glastonbury is over within the blink of a japs eye. What another 'blow me away' festival. I saw a Life size T-Rex with fire works exploding out of its mouth ridden by some dude who probably found it, followed by unreal fire works, a rubbish perfomance from the man who can obviously literally 'blow his own pork trumpet', Bruce Springsteen. Highlight was Bon Iver...tears.

I hosted the Sing Star tent which was super busy on the first three days, with people chomping to get on stage and sing. A great success for the guys at Iris Experience, who are my saviours. Thanks Hayley, Christie Peters, Richie, Henry, Johnny and more of the guys who put it all on. pics coming soon to whoever reads this thing? xxx

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

JImbo, Mark Webber and Small Screen Productions

We created a great online ad for the new Red Bull GP application for the Iphone. So far, they've been getting 12,000 downloads a day! What creative legends. I did the voice over and was a hand model...say no more about my first manicure. Small Screen Productions put the whole thing together, Mark Webber came in and got filmed and we all went away smiling.

Here are the links to see what the ads are about...ENJOY!

Beach Break....holy good god.

Well, the guys at Beach Breaks pulled off yet another blinder at BBL this year, moving their site with 5 days to spare from Cornwall to Kent, and subsidising students with petrol money to get there, what legends.
It was a cracker of an event, although my mermaid suit didn't quite get the applause I was looking for...The crowd were epic towards the end of the day and I got a massive 4500 people screaming for the Zutons. Great. It's quite a view up there. Well Done Guys. xxx
Get on Flickr to see pics or go to the official BBL website...

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Life Rule #1...Follow the sun around the world.

Jimbo is back from his 5 month Aussie bonanza with his lovely lady, surfing, off roading, chilling, fire making, cooking, fishing, laughing, sailing, writing articles, teaching people how to surf and missing out on a horrific Enlgish Winter. Ideal. Now he's back for the summer with a few bookings for festivals and parties including :

The Amstel Fringe at the Big Chill working along side the Cuban bros,

Hosting the Queens Head Stage at Glastonbury for Sony Singstar,

Hosting the main stage at the Secret Garden Party,

Theres pipeline chats about the main stage for Beach Break live too! Hooray!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Summer over? no fucking way.

Well sadly folks it is. For anyone who actually reads this thing. Maybe its for my own self pleasure. hmmm. weirdo. It's been a quick and entertaining summer, with my finaleee at the magic loungeabout in york, hosting the main stage in a cheetah suit thanks to JBH. It ruled. We then hit Bestival, but nobody wants to talk about that do they? mud mud mud. crap crap crap.

Heroic fetes. Is the splelled correctly?

Well, this summer, I managed to get two world record spooning attempts, the later one smashing the first one, from beach break live to the secret garden party. Here's a snap of the one at secret garden. Thanks to Nicky B, Baba and Linda for starting it off! Hooray! We had around 450 people...maybe more. We'll try for a full blown 1000 next time. come on.